eLiveTime operates a fast growing online interactive entertainment network

eLiveTime operates a fast growing online interactive entertainment network with over 25m+ monthly unique visitors (MAU) focused on real time information and live content.

The eLiveTime Network is comprised of popular destinations like Streamerclips.com, an esports video site and one of the most popular radio players with over 70,000 radio stations generating 750m audio minutes monthly.

The Company’s core asset, a large active user base, is driving expansion into three huge rapidly growing markets: Video livestreaming , Esports, iGaming.

Market Size

Global Video Streaming Market USD $790 Billion by 2025

Post-Pandemic daily use up

+23 minutes smartphone


+11 minutes social-media

+10 minutes mobile video

2.16 billion people watched mobile videos in 2019 and by 2023, over 2.7 billion people globally will be watching mobile
videos. Source: eMarketer

Our Strategy

Leveraging Promotional Power of Our Network
Excellent cross promotional opportunities thru synergistic content

New websites, apps & innovative services can be launched more quickly, at lower cost because of economies of scale, and with reduced risk.

An internet company’s ability to try/test new products and platforms is one of the keys to creating long term shareholder value.

eLiveTime leverages the network’s cross promotion capacity to grow existing individual website audiences and new organic brands.

Watch Our CEO’s CNBC Interview
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Brad Greenspan

Founder of Myspace.com
Chair/CEO public eUniverse, Inc. Acquired by News Corp for $650MM.

Veteran executive who helped develop performance based online advertising according to 2001 Gartner Report.

Creator of most #1 ranked U.S. websites including:

Flowgo.com(2000): #1 most visited entertainment website in U.S. by June 2001

Skilijam.com(2002): #1 most visited play for cash skilled gaming website in U.S by September 2003

Myspace.com(2003): #1 most visited social network in U.S. by January 2004

The Company’s subsidiary Next Big Blockchain, Inc. operates a network of news websites covering the blockchain and a growing portfolio of promising DeFi apps and services.
In Late 2022, eLiveTime will launch LiveVideo.com, a next generation decentralized social network featuring live event meta search.


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Suite #G290
New York, NY 10001