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Our Mission:

To serve as a champion of independent news and citizen journalism while staying a fiercely impartial organization dedicated to ensuring no censorship or preference is shown based on political affiliation or financial consideration.

Our Vision:

To be the most important way people get real-time news information and live content. 

eLiveTime operates an award-winning cloud computing networked journalism platform for breaking video news





Brad Greenspan, CEO

Myspace.com founder, Internet Entrepreneur, and creator of most #1 ranked U.S. websites (ranked by U.S. monthly unique audience)


Became #1 most visited entertainment website in the U.S. by June 2001


Became #1 most visited paly for cash skilled gaming webisite in U.S. by September 2003


Became #1 most visited social network in U.S. by January 2004

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CEO' Sucess Growing Platforms

Our CEO has had significant historical success growing content network to scale. Before launching Myspace.com, serving as CEO of eUniverse, he grew that entertainment network from 1 million users in 1999 to over 49.4 million unique users by the end of 2021

Our CEO’s historical operating strategies have provided for fast growing with minimal losses allowing a company to become cash flow positive more quickly¬†

According to a 2001 Gartner Report, our CEO helped developed performance based online advertising while he was the CEO of eUniverse.