Why Us

Cloud Networked Journalism + Video Sharing

Competitive Advantage & Differentiation

Large User Base

A network reaching 15 million monthly visitor allow us to launch new products and introduce new ideas more rapidly and for significantly lower costs 

Strong Brand Awareness

80% of users visit directly, so never dependent on search engine

Massive Licensed Video Database

An extensive historical news and a beyond sticky viral video UGC library built over a decade

Networked Journalism Momentum

Participatory journalism partners provide estimated $60 million+ free marketing annually, generating influx of new users

Proven Technology

A Powerful technology infrastructure and code-base provide foundation for innovative video publishing, consumption and distribution. Has successfully supported tens of billions of video streams, and hundreds of millions of individual visitors

Award winning Product

Winner of prestigious George Polk Journalism Award, Ranked among America’s most coveted journalism honors and administered by Polk. Who was slain covering the civil war in Greece in 1948

Why Now ?

According to a recent Statista report on video streaming, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased video content consumption, including during business hours, due to lock downs and the new work-from-home arrangements. eLiveTime believes the pandemic has spurred a trend that will carry into the future, even after the virus is contained. The time for eLiveTime is now!